Virtual Queueing

Manage customer flow within your store to minimise physical queues.

Supermarkets, chemists, and other essential businesses need to keep trading through the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure your clients have a safe shopping experience, you need to manage the flow of customers through your stores.

Virtual queue management enables you to comply with the evolving legislation and ensure social distancing is possible instore.

Your store can be up and running with virtual queue management in just a few days.

Benefits of Virtual Queue Management

Keep your customers safe

  • Ensure social distancing. Control the number of customers in your store at any one time, giving customers space to safely shop.

A better shopping experience

  • Avoid physical queues. We all hate waiting in line. Customers can wait in the comfort of their car or other safe location.
  • No waiting times. Customers can book a time to shop in advance and arrive at a scheduled time to avoid waiting in line.
  • No set up. No software to download and configure. Everything works using a simple web interface.

Empower your team

  • Manage customer flows: Limit the number of people in the store at any point in time.
  • Avoid physical queues: Waiting in line can cause viral infections. Use messaging and notifications to tell customers when it’s their turn to approach the entrance.
  • Protect: Use any personal device to manage the queue without any need to touch a shared device or customer tickets.
  • Inform: Every team member in the store can see an overview of current footfall. Team members inside the store and outside managing the queue are always in sync.
  • Optimize: Set the capacity for a store. Make announcements to customers waiting in the queue and keep them informed and happy. And scale the system.

Protect your business

  • Analytics dashboard: To understand how the store is functioning and provide proof of compliance with social distancing measures or restrictions set by governments.
  • Quick deployment: Cloud-based solution with no hardware requirement in the store allows you to be up and running quickly
  • Future proof: Expandable once this crisis has passed, the queueing system is Enterprise ready and build on MS Azure. It can integrate with digital signage, touchscreens, loyalty mobile applications and even run in offline-mode in the store.

How Virtual Queue Management Works

Scan the digital or print signage

Customer scans QR code on digital or printed signage to join the queue.

Wait at a safe distance

Customer joins the queue and can view their position via the web interface.

Shop til you drop!

Customer is sent a notification to their phone when it is their turn to shop.