Turnstile 48 mm-500×500


Retail Turnstile

Retail Turnstile

Please specify clockwise or anti-clockwise hand operation upon purchase.


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Retail Turnstile

Please specify left or right hand operation upon purchase.


The Mechanical Turnstile is the ideal solution for controlling foot flow on a limited budget. This turnstile is compact yet very effectiv, -allowing throughput to be controlled with only minimum supervision. It is a proven design and is constructed from the highest quality materials to give total reliability.

The added benefit to this particular unit is that the turnstile has a built in safety feature. When the turnstile is lifted up, the whole unit can be moved to give a clear wide exit in emergencies.


  • Turnstile is available with or without trolley flaps.
  • Turnstile has an emergency exit break-out facility as standard.
  • Turnstile is available in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise configuration.
  • Chrome finish as standard.
  • Can be used in conjunction with our standard barrier rail range, to provide a controlled store entrance/exit.
  • Minimum 1350mm width required