Automatic Checkout Closer

The world’s first Automatic Check Out Closer.



Our introduction of the world’s first Automatic Check Out Closer extends the ability to help further reduce theft and store losses.

The Automatic Check Out Closer manages the security of the cashier lane “automatically” – when the cashier position is open/occupied, the gate will open and remain open, when the position is unoccupied the gate automatically closes.

The Automatic Check Out Closer also includes the “anti-panic” safety functionality in the event of emergency and can also include an alarm. Further integration with a customer call forwarding systemis also available.


  • Automatic operation controled by the checkout PC / POS system.
  • Compact design for full integration into checkout.
  • Automatic gate arm reset (after release of the panic function).
  • 0 to 180 degree operation.
  • Left- and right hand functionality by the flick of a switch.
  • Adjustable panic force.
  • Adjustable “0”-position.
  • External control box.
  • Gate arm Soft-Stop.
  • Versions for wall-, post- and rail-mounting available.


  • Opening controls: External relais (checkout PC / POS system), control-panel, radio remote control
  • Chrome finish as standard
  • Standard gate arms, deep gate arms.


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