Automatic Gates

Store security and customer guidance are important aspects of store operations. Radford can supply and install a wide range of proven products designed specifically for retail and commercial use.

Mechanical Gates

Our manual, non motorised, spring return gates operate by the customer pushing forward, offering customer guidance & low level security.

EAS Tags

Each item stolen costs you money, EAS tags secure a variety of individual products to prevent this.

Uprights & Rails

At Radford we offer a flexible, modular customer guidance system which can be used to guide customers in a particular direction, or act as a physical barrier.

Mechanical Turnstiles

The Mechanical turnstile from Radford Retail a is compact yet very effective design- allowing throughput to be controlled with only minimum supervision.

EAS Panels

Cost effective, high quality EAS Panels imported from France, ideal for installation at the till, entrance or exit.