Railings & Barriers

Radford offers a flexible and modular customer guidance system which can be used to guide customers in a particular direction or act as a physical barrier.

The standard fixings make it easy to vary the layout. The rails and uprights are available in a number of lengths and heights. We can of course tailor our customer guidance system to suit your requirements.

The standard finish of our rails and uprights is chrome but you can also get them powder coated in the RAL of your choice.

Our cross rails have a diameter of 40mm and are available in chrome or powder coated in the RAL colour of your choice. The rails have a minimum length of 920 mm and a maximum length of 2420mm. The rails can easily be cut at the point of installation to fit the exact measurement of your installation.

Our standard uprights are 1080mm height and have a post diameter of 48mm for square and round foot or 60mm for round foot.

Email us to discuss your requirements.