Auto Gates

Superior Supermarket Auto Gates Plus Much More
These products are designed in the UK and are assembled in Sweden to exacting standards.
The specification of our supermarket auto entrance gates and turnstiles exceeds the industry standard and they are competitively priced throughout Europe. We can combine a wide range of sensors and electronic aids including the integration of fire alarm controls and swipe card technology.

Safeguard your hard earned profits
It’s an unfortunate reality with most businesses that shoplifting is a common occurrence and serves as a massive factor in negatively influencing productivity. Take advantage of our sophisticated entry gates by ensuring you regulate the often overwhelming flow of customers through your doors.

Our entry gates are backed by a 24 month warranty for your peace of mind
To underpin our products, our service department is supported by engineers who carry out warranty work and planned maintenance. To complement our supermarket auto entry gates and turnstiles, we manufacture a complete range of barrier rail systems along with glass panel inlay options:

  • Supermarket pedestrian gates – chrome and EPC
  • High quality stainless steel commercial property entrance gates
  • Stainless steel half-height turnstiles – with access controls
  • Circular footprint motorised turnstiles
  • Office and Government entrance systems – rotation or glass arm designs
  • DDI specification solutions and connecting systems
  • Mechanical and lift-up gate designs
  • Chrome and stainless steel barrier rail and modular hand rails

Are you ready to take advantage of our innovative security solutions?
For a dynamic approach to the way you secure your business, contact the specialists at Radford Retail regarding our selection of high quality solutions. For more information on our other products, including turnstile gates and access control systems, please click on the provided links.

Our technical support team is always willing to offer a timely resolution to any maintenance or repair problems you might be experiencing. Call us on +61 9199 5039 today for any general enquiries.