Customer Guidance

Our bespoke customer guidance solutions reduce retail shrinkage and protect your profits

Your entryway is the first interaction a customer has with your retail store. Your entrance must be inviting and welcoming, enticing customers in to shop til they drop. With our customer guidance entry systems, your customers will feel welcome and at ease. Customer guidance entry systems give your customers a quick and easy indication of how they should navigate, giving them confidence, and ensuring that they move in the right flow through your store.

While guiding your customers, you’ll also be protecting your profits and reducing retail shrinkage with the smart security features in our entrance solutions. In Australia in 2019, more than $3.37 billion worth of goods were stolen from retailers. We want to help remove your business from contributing to this statistic and enhancing the experience of your staff and customers.

Why do you need a customer guidance system?

Creating a Welcoming Entrance

Your entrance is the first thing a customer sees in your retail store. We want to make it as welcoming as possible. Clearly show customers where they should enter your store and start shopping for your fantastic products.

Control Customer Flow

Sometimes, customers get lost. How many times have you tried to walk out through the entrance of a store? Eliminate incorrect customer flow and help guide them through your store. They’ll have a better experience, and you won’t have any traffic jams.

Eliminate Retail Shrinkage

Our entrance gates are fitted with automatic sensors that will stop customers (and shoplifters!) trying to leave the store through your entranceway. This will reduce your retail shrinkage and ensure your stock is not the victim of theft.

Maintain Profits

By reducing your shrinkage and stopping shoplifters in their tracks, you’ll be protecting your profits.

Our Entrance Gates


The EasyGate helps give you peace of mind while creating a welcoming and secure entrance. With it’s simplistic and function design and robust build, the EasyGate guides customers into your store and works to reduce retail shrinkage and protect your profits.


Sometimes, you need to have something a little extra special. You might be fitting out your entrance in a luxury shopping complex or a business wanting a CBD to feel to their security entrance. If you want your entrance gate to be top-of-the-line, the SigmaGate is the right pick. Compact, modern design and smart technology, all rolled into one premium package.

AlphaGate MKII

The AlphaGate MKII provides a secure and advanced entrance solution to your store. Equipped with a number of smart features, the AlphaGate creates a warm welcome to the store and protects your business. ChildSafe technology keeps any children visiting the store safe, as the arms stop whenever a child is detected in reach. Anti-panic mode stops the arms from being pulled open, and the Alphagate can connect with your fire alarm systems to ensure safe exit in case of emergency.