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Technology Solutions that Bridge the Gap Between Instore and Online Retail Experiences

We work with retailers across Australia to create a more cohesive shopping experience. Since establishing in 2000, Radford has delivered innovative retail solutions that protect the profits of our customers. All of the solutions we offer are designed and manufactured in Europe, and offer up to 5-year warranties, giving you peace of mind.

Social Distancing Solution

Virtual Queue Solutions

Ensuring customer and staff safety and compliance with legal requirements for social distancing is made possible through Radford’s virtual queue management solution. Customers simply scan a QR code, wait for a text, and enter when their turn arrived. Goodbye long queues!

Featured Product

Fast-Track Speed Lanes

The combination of security, design, reliability and fast operations makes this product suitable for many applications as well as having the distinct advantage of the middle unit being the same width as the end unit – ideal for when space is at a premium.

Support Services

Technical Support

Radford’s service division provides a complete range of preventative and reactive maintenance service for all checkout and guidance products. Our service engineers have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Coupled with our in-house technical advice team, we can ensure an unrivalled performance in quality of service and maintenance.

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